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Garden Electrical Safety

Now that summer is here and local holidays are in full flow, we will all spend much more time outside in the garden enjoying the good weather... when its here..

Whether its garden maintenance or having some friends over to enjoy the long nights, we should all think about how we use our electrical appliance's outdoors.

Here are some tips to keep you and others enjoying the Garden safe.

Use an RCD for all outside electrical equipment, you should have one in your fusebox, if you dont then  you can use a plug in RCD.

Test your RCD is working properly by pushing the test button marked on it, It should switch the power off.

Turn off and unplug any electrical equipment before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance.

Never use electrical equipment in damp or wet conditions.

Always inspect your electrical equipment power cable and plug before use and whilst not connected to a socket outlet replace or repair any damaged parts.

Fully unwind extension leads to prevent the build up of excess heat.

Lighting and power outside

Having a suitable external socket installed outside can help reduce the risks and make using appliance outside easier and more convenient to use.

Lighting outside can also help reduce risks from having lots of temporary cable running all over the garden.

However if any of this is not installed correctly it could be even more of a Hazard for you your friends and family.

Always use a Registerd Electrician who will install the equipment based on manufacturers  recommendations and compliance with the electrical wiring regulations (BS7671).

If you have any outside electrical queries or work carried out then I will be happy to advise and provide a free quote.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and above all keep safe.




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