Airbnb In N.I legally requires Tourist Board registration


So  when was the last time you looked at Airbnb for local areas in N.Ireland?

If you have you will have noticed the explosion in rental properties there being offered to customers from all over the world.

How many of these properties have a valid current electrical inspection certificate?

Not doing so could leave the Airbnb owner open to prosecution as all tourist accomodation in NI should be registered with the tourist board.

"All tourist accommodations providers must comply with the Tourism (Northern Ireland) Order 1992.  This stipulates that all tourist accommodation providers must receive certification from Tourism NI before they are allowed to begin operating."

More importantly though, not having a valid inspection report could invalidate the owners building and contents insurance in the event of a fire or electrocution event.

What can prospective landlords do to mitigate this?

Have the property's electrical system regulary maintained and inspected/tested.

Always Use a Registered Electrician to carry out electrical work.

Above all protect your investment!